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Isn't It Time For A Different Approach To Chiropractic San Antonio?


As the video says, I practice very differently from most doctors of chiropractic in San Antonio that I know - including the chiropractor I now share office space with.

Most chiropractors intentionally run "high volume" practices. The idea is to see a lot of patients for just a few minutes each and charge whatever their insurance will pay. While this can be a good system for those patients with relatively minor problems who don't really need any intensive treatment, some people these days need more.

We are all under considerable amounts of stress. Most of us don't eat optimal diets. Most people don't get appropriate amounts of exercise.

Many people have significant musculoskeletal stress and dysfunction that simply cannot be handled with a two minute chiropractic treatment and some electrical muscle stimulation and/or hot pack.

That "standard treatment" in San Antonio chiropractic offices might have worked for most people at one time, but times have changed and many people need more work these days to get better in a reasonable amount of time.

That's why I do more in my San Antonio chiropractic practice. I not only do a very thorough chiropractic adjustment that includes the whole spine, but I also perform muscle and soft tissue release techniques, evaluate the extremities (joints and muscles of the arms and legs) when needed, discuss nutrition and exercise, and work with you on stress management and reduction.

So what does this mean to you?

It means you'll probably feel better faster than with a "high-volume" doctor.

It means you'll probably need a lot fewer visits to my office.

It means that you'll probably be able to resume your normal activities sooner.


Introducing Low-Force Chiropractic With the ProAdjuster:

In addition to using several different traditional manual chiropractic adjusting techniques, I was the first in South Texas, and still the only chiropractor in San Antonio to use the ProAdjuster system.

The ProAdjuster is a computerized spinal analysis and correction system that allows for gentle, comfortable correction of joint and soft tissue restriction. It is particularly useful in the treatment of those patients who are fearful of conventional chiropractic adjusting, or who are too fragile (due to osteoporosis or other health problems) for manual chiropractic adjustments.

For more about the ProAdjuster, click the play button in the video player below:

Click Here To Visit The ProAdjuster Website.



Chiropractic Without The "Sales Process"

In addition to using a more treatment-intensive office visit than is typical in the chiropractic profession, and using some unique tools like the ProAdjuster, I present a much different type of treatment plan than what many of my San Antonio chiropractic colleagues do.

I don't believe in selling my patients a long drawn-out program of care when all they want is to get better as quickly as possible and get back to their lives.

I do have pre-pay plans available that give a discount for those who know they want and need regular supportive chiropractic treatment because they have a chronic condition or because they engage in activities that tend to "mess them up" frequently. But those plans are there for people who request them - I don't browbeat people into paying a big chunk of money upfront.

You'll find that the way I do things is pretty simple and straightforward, especially as compared to some other chiropractic offices in San Antonio and South Texas.

When you come in for your first visit, there's a little paperwork to fill out - only a couple of pages and one page is your privacy rights notification that the government requires me to give you.

Once the paperwork is done, I'll bring you back to my chiropractic treatment room, ask you a little more about your symptoms / condition, and then I'll do an examination (in most cases, you won't even need to get undressed).

Most of the time, I don't need X-rays, and in the rare event that I do, I'll send you out for those (that way, you get me AND a radiologist to review the films).

I use X-rays to diagnose and to rule out contraindications for treatment. I don't use them to run up your bill (like I believe some doctors do).

Following my examination, if I feel confident I can help you, I usually proceed with chiropractic treatment on that same visit, because I know your time and gasoline are valuable and I won't have you make a second trip to get your first treatment unless it's absolutely necessary (such as in cases that I refer out for X-rays).

When I give you my chiropractic report of findings, it's short and to the point. I'll tell you what I found, what I recommend be done about it, and what you can expect with regard to the outcome of treatment and the estimated cost per visit.

I don't give long treatment plans from day one (or ever, actually) for one very simple reason:

Neither I, nor any other doctor of chiropractic on the planet can reliably tell you exactly how much care you are going to need before you actually undergo treatment!

I've had my chiropractic office in San Antonio, Texas since 1992, and what I've learned is that there simply is no way to tell in advance how quickly and how well a given individual will respond to treatment.

I've had patients who literally had to be carried into my office who were able to walk out pain free after their first visit, and I've had patients whose problems didn't seem all that serious take several visits to get better. You just never know.

What I can tell you is statistically, most of my patients are at least 50% better within the first week of treatment and only a very small percentage of patients need more than 10 treatments to get out of pain.

Most are symptom-free in 5 visits or less - many in just 1 visit!

I do the best I can to get my patients feeling better quickly and inexpensively.

While I do believe in and recommend preventive maintenance, I'm not going to harrass you to do it.

There's no sales pitch, no mandatory chiropractic health care class, no "reminder calls" to get you to come more often, no postcards telling you that you'll die a horrible death if you don't get your adjustment this month. It's just straight to the point chiropractic treatment when you need it and want it to get you feeling better ASAP.

If you prefer to be harrassed, that can be arranged, but we'll have to charge you extra (just kidding - our harrassment is free for those who request it)!


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